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The Kind of Ride ferris wheel for Theme Park by Jinbo

The Kind of Ride ferris wheel for Theme Park by Jinbo

Feb 27,2020

The ride ferris wheel for theme park is a large wheel-shaped mechanical building facility. Hanging on the edge of the wheel is a gondola. Passengers sit on the Ferris wheel and turn up slowly, they can overlook the surroundings from a height. The most common ferris wheel generally appears in amusement parks (or theme parks) and garden games. As a playground mobile game, it is collectively called "the three treasures of the paradise" with roller coasters and carousels.

Ride ferris wheel is a large-scale mechanical structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple cabins or gondolas attached to the wheel rim due to gravity. Passengers in the cabin or gondola will gradually rise and fall rotating 360 degrees along with turn of the wheel and overlook the beautiful landscape from height. 

                       Ride Ferris wheel for Theme Park
Name Jinbo Ride 30m Ferris Wheel
Item No. JBFW-30M
Equipment Height 30m
Floor Area 32mx15m
Total Power 15kw
Running Speed 0.21m/s
Cabin 18 sets
Wheel Diameter 28m
Color Customized
Crew 72 persons

                         42m Giant Wheel for Sale
Name Jinbo Ride 42m Ferris Wheel
Item No. JBFW-42M
Equipment Height 42m
Floor Area 46mx20m
Total Power 22kw
Running Speed 0.21m/s
Cabin 28 sets
Wheel Diameter 38.4m
Color Customized
Crew 112 persons

Construction method
Floor assembly and overall lifting method
The ferris wheel rim steel structure is processed and assembled in sections at the factory. After being transported to the site, the rim is assembled into a whole, then connected to the internal rigid truss truss support or flexible steel cable system, and finally hoisted in place. The "Eye of London" in the United Kingdom adopts this construction method. The ground assembly and overall hoisting methods are conducive to the installation of steel structures, and the installation accuracy is easy to ensure, but the size and weight of the ferris wheel are generally large, so a large construction site and a strong lifting capacity are required.

Center rotation installation method
The center-rotation installation method refers to the installation of a supporting platform and a wheel axle in place, using a tower to set up a working platform, or using a lifting system to install the ferris wheel structure system from the center to the periphery. More applications.

Facade rotation installation method
The vertical rotation installation method refers to a construction method in which a temporary rigid spoke is used to drive a segmented rim and a steel cable after the support tower and the axle are installed in place. The vertical rotation installation method is further divided into a one-side rotation installation method and a two-side rotation installation method, which is suitable for a flexible ferris wheel structure system that provides a centripetal force by a steel cable.

The vertical rotation installation method can avoid a lot of high-altitude operations, and the risk is low; however, it requires a large traction power system and a good braking system, especially the two-side rotation installation method also requires special treatment of the central wheel axle of the ferris wheel.