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The Kind of Ferris Wheel for Theme Park by Jinbo

The Kind of Ferris Wheel for Theme Park by Jinbo

Mar 23,2020

The large ferris wheel is often used as a landmark of a place and amusement park, so people always call it the "eye of the city", so the ferris wheel is very important to improve the popularity of a place and the level of amusement park. The common height of Ferris wheel is 30M / 40M / 50M / 65M / 88M / 100M / 120M / 160M.

50m park ferris wheel for sale is very popular now in lots of parks or other projects.
The height is 50m and can load 136 persons at one time.
All the steel material is national standard with test reports.
Passengers could enjoy the beautiful scenery when sitting on the giant wheel.

Ground Grid Floor Driving Bumper Car
                                   42m Giant Wheel for Sale
Name Jinbo Ride 42m Ferris Wheel
Item No. JBFW-42M
Equipment Height 42m
Floor Area 46mx20m
Total Power 22kw
Running Speed 0.21m/s
Cabin 28 sets
Wheel Diameter 38.4m
Color Customized
Crew 112 persons

Electric Battery Bumper Car
                                       50m Park Ferris Wheel for Sale
Name Jinbo Ride 50m Ferris Wheel
Item No. JBFW-50M
Equipment Height 50m
Floor Area 27mx26m
Total Power 16kw
Running Speed 0.21m/s
Cabin 34 sets
Color Customized
Capacity 136 persons