The spinning shuttle is commonly known as the jumping machine. The main body is a tower structure. The cockpit can instantly rise and fall along the tower body and rotate 360 degrees during the lifting process. People sitting in it not only feel the excitement and cream of free fall and breaking the earth's gravity, but also feel the pleasure of flying dizziness.

This equipment is equipped with a hydraulic drive system, which is different from the previous pneumatic system. The rotation method is also different from the previous rotary shuttle drop tower ride. It is the rotation of the tower to drive the cabin to rotate synchronously. The rotary shuttle of the pneumatic system is that the tower does not rotate but the chassis rotates, the hydraulic system is slower than the pneumatic system in terms of speed, so it is not as exciting as the rotary shuttle drop tower ride of the pneumatic system. Its advantage is that the cost is much lower than that of the pneumatic system, but the maintenance is relatively complicated. More difficult

Main parameter:

Equipment height: 28m

Capacity: 16 persons

Running height: 22m



New developed amusement park product the hydraulic drive system 28-meter rotary jumper drop tower ride cheap price for sale

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