1. You are looking for any cheap, easy and quick way to break the monotony from stretches of your life to soar high in stress-free air for some time? Then don’t go for any other way when a roller coaster ride can serve you in all the aforementioned ways.  A ride that uses gravity and inertia to send a train of cars and slide it along a winding track through centripetal force is called a crazy roller coaster. Roller coasters can be divided into children's roller coasters, family roller coasters and large roller coasters according to their scale. Children's roller coasters are small roller coasters specially designed for children.

Introduction of Roller Coaster

JINBO Roller Coaster

The riders are generally under 12 years old and under 1.4 meters in height. For safety reasons, children's roller coasters are usually small in scale and low in track height, generally no more than 2 meters. The track design is relatively flat, the drop is small, the speed is relatively slow, and the acceleration is small. The fluctuation is small, is with little stimulation Family roller coasters are medium-sized roller coasters, suitable for adults and children to ride together.


The family roller coaster's track height is generally below 10 meters, and the speed usually does not exceed 40 kilometers per hour. The track design has a certain degree of excitement. The roller coaster has sharp turns, circling, drifting, and rushing actions.


Also, our track line has some continuous fluctuations. Moderate irritation, cabin safety, and protection measures are more demanding. Large-scale roller coaster, large scale, fast speed, generally more than 50KM/hour, a significant drop, diverse line design, large ups and downs, can integrate sharp bends, drifts, spirals, inversions, suspensions, accelerated summits and rushes and other actions, and the degree of stimulation. It is very high and often makes people feel dizzy and weightless, so it is generally only suitable for adults with sound and healthy limbs. The cabin of a large roller coaster requires high safety, comfort and extremely strict protection measures.

  1. Large-scale roller coasters have a relatively large area and complex structure and have relatively strict requirements on geology. Generally, they are built on flat ground, low altitude, and relatively solid soil. Mainly used in large-scale comprehensive amusement parks or theme parks.



Use Scenarios of Rotating Tower

How does Roller Coaster Work 


First, the ride is motored up to the climax, on reaching the top it gains the maximum of its potential energy. Then it will fall, overpowered by the force of gravity turning the previously potential energy into kinetic energy. After that, inertia (states that the object in motion, stays in motion) take hold of all the control and move the coaster to loop-the-loops, along curves and all the way. In the end forces like friction and air resistance slows the roller coaster gradually, ultimately stops it.


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Why Buy JINBO Roller Coaster 

A) Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is an A-level production license holder specializing in the production of amusement equipment in China. With strong scientific research and technical strength and economic strength, it can meet the different needs of customers.

B) We can produce a complete range of roller coasters, novel styles, and diverse forms, ranging from children's roller coasters to medium-sized family roller coasters, to large six-ring roller coasters, and can also be customized according to the customer's site and individual requirements. There is always a solution that suits you.


C) The amusement roller coasters produced by our company are of reliable quality and sell well all over the world. And there is a complete and reliable after-sales service system, a professional after-sales service team, to provide customers with one-stop service of transportation, installation, maintenance and repair, and even provide customers with a complete set of solutions including the planning and construction of amusement parks and operation management.

Type of JINBO Roller Coaster Ride

  • Kids Small Roller Coaster

A very prominent feature of a small roller coaster for children is its small size. The small one is that the number of passengers is relatively small, and the general passenger capacity is less than 16; the second is that its passengers are young, and the passengers are all teenagers and children, both in figure and height. They are all smaller than adults; third, the amusement equipment body is small, the track is relatively small and the track height is very short, and the area is small, generally under 500 square meters. A very small roller coaster, even 100 square meters of land is enough to accommodate it. Small roller coasters are often named after the theme of their design, such as children’s jungle roller coaster, children’s ocean roller coaster, children’s dog task force roller coaster, etc.

  • Jungle Roller Coaster
  • Worm Roller Coaster
  • Lucky Cat Roller Coaster
  • Ice & Snow Roller Coaster

Family Roller Coaster

The family roller coaster is a medium-scale roller coaster, that is, the passengers are mainly family members. This type of roller coaster is suitable for adults and teenagers who meet the height requirements. It has the equivalent of a moderate degree of entertainment excitement and speed, and a moderate degree of turning. And hovering. It is usually called a family roller coaster directly, and some are named after the theme.

Large Scale Roller Coaster

Large roller coasters are fast and exciting. They are not only large in scale but high in track height and long track length, ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. The structure is also more complex. It can complete different thrilling actions, such as sharp turns and circle, Hanging diagonally, inverted, almost 90-degree vertical climbing and subduction, etc.


There are many classification methods and naming methods for large roller coasters, which can be divided according to its design theme, such as eagle-falcon roller coaster, mine roller coaster, etc.; it can be divided according to its operating mode characteristics, such as suspended roller coaster, and it can also be divided according to its structural characteristics, such as wooden structure roller coaster. The roller coaster can also be divided by the number of laps it runs, such as the four rings roller coaster and the six rings roller coaster, etc.

  • Six Rings Roller Coaster
  • Suspended Roller Coaster