A ride that uses gravity and inertia to send a train of cars and slide it along a winding track through centripetal force is called crazy roller coaster.

You are looking for any cheap, easy and quick way to break the monotony from stretches of your life to soar high in stress-free air for some time? Then don’t go for any other way when a roller coaster ride can serve you in all the aforementioned ways. 

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Why do we like roller coasters so much?


When everyone is caught up with a hectic working routine, then roller coasters give a chance to break this stress by activating different stress-killing hormones and neurons, which can help you board into the clouds of euphoria and forget about stress.

Lighten your mood:

The psychology involved in the roller coaster working is energetic enough to work on your nerves to lighten it. When you find a way to feel light and careless, it ultimately makes you like the source, which caused this joy and the reason cleared out the adoring to a roller coaster ride.

How does roller coaster work?

Have you ever cast an in-depth look on a roller coaster? I assume not. You would be amazed to know that it works without an engine. Interesting? Now ponder the primary drive behind it, which compels this system to move amazingly fast and furious.

Let’s give this matter into the hands of physics and let his majesty to solve our query. So, physics has its way of dealing with subjects, and so it does here.

First, ride is motored up to the climax, on reaching to the top it gains maximum of its potential energy. Then it will fall, overpowered by the force of gravity turning the previously potential energy into kinetic energy. After that, inertia (states that object in motion, stays in motion) take hold of all the control and move the coaster to loop-the-loops, along curves and all the way. At the end forces like friction and air resistance slows the roller coaster gradually, ultimately stops it.


The psychology of roller coaster:

After knowing the physics, let's look at psychology responsible for having a big hand in driving happy emotions and sensations in your mind and body. The following are the systems activated while having on a roller coaster ride.

Visceral sensation of fear:

The first thing which is the medium of excitement is the sensation of fear itself, just like watching horror movies. Physical signs of anxiety such as a pounding heart, faster breathing, and an energy boost caused by glucose release, are known collectively as the “fight or flight response”. Roller coaster is the source to trigger this response.

Flow of adrenaline:

Adrenaline, a hormone for driving happy arousal, is the immediate release from the loop-the-loop ride of the roller coaster, which generates intense pleasure.

Increased level of cortisol:

Before making any presumptions about cortisol links being a hormone produce stress, let me clarify that not all focus is terrible. Eustress—from the Greek “EU”, meaning good, as in euphoria—is a positive kind of stress that people actively seek out.

Role of dopamine:

How a neurotransmitter lags this race of roller coaster ride in arousing pleasure. It’s a chemical messenger substance in the brain stimulated by intense physical experience such as in the case of a roller coaster and ultimately responsible for sensation-seeking behavior.

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Why do we like roller coaster so much?

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