Tourism is important to a country's economy. The amusement industry has become a popular trend in tourism, which has led to an increase in theme parks across the world. Many companies have paid attention to develop a profitable amusement industry including in developed and developing countries.

How is the development of the amusement industry in developed countries? 

The global amusement park is expected to reach $89.5 billion in 2023. North America is ranked as the largest in the global amusement industry at 33%, followed by Asia-Pacific at 29%. Also, Europe plays a vital role in the market. Developed countries are increasingly opening theme parks that use advanced technology like virtual and augmented. Virtual technology provides a 3D experience hence interacts with customers. On the other hand, augmented changes the environment in a digital interface. This puts virtual objects in the real world.

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Development of amusement industry in developing countries 

According to statistics, developing countries are the smallest region in the theme park market. However, most areas have started to venture into amusement attractions. This is noticeable, especially in public places like malls, parks, and recreational facilities. According to Renub Research, the Saudi Arabia Entertainment & Amusement market will reach US$ 1170.72 Million by the end of the year 2030. The Saudi Arabian entertainment market includes revenue from amusement parks, festivals and concerts, and other sources of entertainment. According to this research, from 2020 to 2030, the Kingdom’s entertainment and amusement industry will grow rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 47.65%.


Why do people like an outdoor theme park?

1. Peace of mind

While anyone can feel stressed, the condition can have negative effects on quality of life. According to research, outdoor exercise is great for mental health. Rides help a person to release fear.  When you scream out of excitement, the body produces healthy adrenaline. As a result, it lowers tension, depression, confusion, anger, and anxiety.

2. Food cheat day

Generally, we tend to stay on a healthy eating habit throughout.  Treating yourself once in a while isn't bad. A theme park is a place you can grab popcorns, candy, hot dogs, burgers, and French fries.

3. Fun

Theme parks are not just for kids. It is ideal for people of all ages. Get loose on that flying chair, self-control plane, and cup rides. It gives a lot of fun to watch and explore.

4. Great bonding

Most of the time, we spend days at work, cooking, getting kids to school, and cleaning. The best time to talk and bond with your family is during a day out. Amusement park allows families to bond and make new friends.

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If you want to build a theme park, which amusement ride manufacturer should you choose?

You don't wake up and buy equipment from a random manufacturer. There are many things to consider prior to choosing the best one. Jinbo Ride is a professional manufacturing company situated in Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, China.

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Why choose Jinbo ride

Safety: Jinbo team carries out a thorough inspection to ensure the equipment is safe for the public. The system allows millions of customers to enjoy the adventure while completely safe fully. Therefore, visitors stay connected to the system until the ride is done.

Advanced technology: Jinbo’s top-notch technology offers real-world experience to customers. Anyone can create a memorable day by interacting with the digital environment.

Years of quality service: the company prides several years of experience since its establishment. Besides that, the materials meet the national standard.

Customer satisfaction: Jinbo guarantees customers high-quality equipment that meets their preferences. Furthermore, the tools come in various designs and can be customized depending on the client's specifications.

24/7 customer support:  It gives customers top-notch support services. This includes on-site inspections, plan, design, drawings, operations, management, and after-sales services.



Development Status of the Amusement Industry

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