The first Peppa pig world

The first Peppa Pig world is found in Shanghai.  It is a play centre specially designed to provide the magical life and world of Peppa pig. The attraction place has a wide range of activities that leaves visitors with a memorable experience.  Moreover, it characterizes an attractive indoor with ten play areas for kids in pre-school and below. This place is a perfect holiday or weekend destination spot for families. The adventures include:

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Photo from Shanghai Peppa Pig World

● Peppa's family house:  discover Peppa's family as you make lunch, interact with Polly parrot and take memorable pictures.

● Madame Gazelle's School Bus: enjoy the adventurous trip to the theatre with Madam Gazelle, Peppa and his friends.

● Sensory garden: explore this garden which features a hen house, duck pond, and Grandpa Pig's train.

● Rebecca Rabbit Underground: explore the bedro, tunnels and slide in the muddy puddles.

● Supermarket: kids can go to the local supermarket and help Miss Rabbit at the cash register or grocery shopping.

● Danny Dog and Zoe Zebra: assist Zebra in taking letters to Grandpa Dog's Garage to fix the broken post van.

● George's Fort, Peppa's treehouse

Why we need parent Child theme park

There is no doubt that a parent theme park has many benefits to both the child and parent. This include:

Connect with new people: people rarely have time to connect with others due to working full time.  An enticing park with a thrilling playground makes parents bring kids frequently. The more the families come, they like a hood to meet new neighbours. Therefore, they will interact with one another and form Long term friendships.

Physical exercise: nowadays most kids spend more hours on screens and computers. As a result, it makes them less active. Getting children to play outside lowers obesity, anxiety, improve school work and strengthen immune systems.

Promote emotional wellbeing:  in most cases, parents spend a lot of time working hence have little time to be with the kids. Theme parks allow parents to bond with the kids and play together. On the other hand, it improves a child's emotional self-esteem by boosting self-esteem, overcoming trauma, and developing life skills like patience.

Social benefits to kids: Children can engage and play with new friends in an organized manner. They learn to listen, collaborate, and gain independence.

Improve mental and creativity: kids develop critical thinking skills to solve problems.

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Manufacturing kiddie ride

Jinbo is a manufacturer of amusement equipment found in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province. It offers family rides, kiddie rides, flying tower, Tagada ride, flying chair, Drop tower, Self-control plane, and pendulum. Also, pirate ship, bumper car, roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and New ride series.

Why choose Jinbo

● Experience: the company has years of manufacturing experience and has a high-tech level.

● Guarantee: All products have a one-year free warranty service. Wearing parts are given and shipped free of charge.

● High-level technology:  the talented workers can make products which meet customers' customization requirement.

● Reputation: since it was established, the government has chosen the company as a contract initiative.


How to build an indoor theme park 

A successful indoor theme park should follow these steps: 

Step 1: Plan

When planning, consider costs, ongoing expenses, target market, business name, how much to charge, profits and how it makes it profitable.

Step 2: establish a legal entity

Step 3: Register for state and federal taxes

Step 4: Get a business bank account and credit card

Step 5: Form a business accounting records 

Step 6: Looking for high-quality amusement equipment suppliers to build a safe and reliable theme park

Step 7: Open business insurance to form a strong brand to pass competitors

Step 8: Setting up safety guidelines is the top priority

Step 9: Establish emergency aid stations so that emergencies can be treated in time



The local management of International IP: Peppa Pig

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