Bumper cars are common amusement park equipment. Bumper car rides for sale have three main types, including electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, and inflatable bumper cars. Electric bumper cars include ceiling grid bumper car ride and ground grid bumper car ride. These three types are applied in many fields. Battery bumper cars are used widely because they are convenient to build and easy to control. They are suitable for the whole family. Both parents and children can get fun from them. With the bright colorful appearance and real driving experience, JINBO bumper car ride has become one of the hot-sale kiddie rides.
Types Of Amusement Park Bumper Car Rides
Bumper car rides have three main types, including electric bumper car rides, battery bumper car rides, and inflatable bumper car rides. These types of bumper cars have different designs and sizes. Customers can choose what they like.

Today we introduce electric bumper car rides first.

Our Amusement Park Adults and Kids Electric Bumper Car has ground net type, skye net type and battery type. And we have lots of designs which are very attractive for both kids and young people. JINBO bumper car is famous for its good quality and fashion designs. It is suitable for shopping center, sports, residential zone, theme parks, super market and so on.
Compared with the ground net Amusement Park Adults and Kids Electric Bumper Car
, this battery bumper car doesn't need install special floor. Each car with two batteries so it could just run on the ordinary floor. The advantage is it could save the cost of the floor and installation. The disadvantage is it is not so convenient because it need charge the electricity everyday. It takes several hours to charge and the electricity could run about 8 hours continuously. The speed is not fast as the ground net Amusement Park Adults and Kids Electric Bumper Car. It is suitable for small investors.



Bumper Car Rides for Amusement Park

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