How can investors identify the production quality of new amusement equipment

Playground equipment accidents happen from time to time, not only bring great losses to the amusement park, but also have a cowardly mentality in the hearts of local consumers, let amusement parks to leave a negative shadow in many consumers’ psychology, resulting in many investors are skeptical with the new type Play equipment . 

Today, Jinbo talked about how investors can identify the quality of production of newamusement equipment!

1.Firstly,need to check whether the manufacturer has the relevant qualified licence, to determine whether the manufacturer is standardized, whether it has the ability to provide comprehensive after-sales service, whether it is necessary to sign a contract, etc. This will facilitate the operation,at the same time improve operational security.

2.Second,starting from inspecting the structure and appearance of the product to judge. In order to ensure the quality and safety of the products, the new type of amusement equipment is characterized by places where barbed or sharp objects do not allow children to be damaged. At the same time, we must ensure the equipment is of bright colors and cartoon appearance, in order to increase the attraction of tourists.

3.From the structural analysis of the equipment as a whole, the equipment should be made of environmental materials, and be compatible with the mechanical structure, consider the range of force and resistance to withstand , to ensure that the equipment is strong and stable operation, to provide visitors with a safer and more interesting experience . It is not only the overall consideration, but also the accessories used on the equipment should be considered.

The safety factor of good quality amusement equipment is high, so that the losses of investors will be reduced correspondingly. Therefore, the quality of the products for investors who purchase new amusement equipment is very important. Considering this point, when many amusement equipment manufacturers are talking to customers. This will be added to the contract. In fact, a manufacturers who has the ability to develop new amusement equipment , will take into investment risks factor of investors and the accidental risk factor of tourists. Jinbo amusement equipment manufacturers produce according to the production process specification and safety reference data of amusement equipment.  and at the same time, a new large-scale amusement equipment also needs to go through the inspection and acceptance by the State Bureau of Quality Supervision, to meet the standards for its normal operation. Jinbo’s customers haven’t worry on this matter.Some time ago, JinBo exhibited at the Guangzhou exhibition. JinBo Amusement’s new product Transformers received enthusiastic attention from exhibitors and attracted reporters from Guangdong TV. Recently, Jinbo has received a lot of inquiry on Transformers. Most of the customers are most concerned about the pric . A small part of them are concerned with the safety of new amusement devices.



How can investors identify the production quality of new amusement equipment

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