The development trend of the children's theme park market is now in full swing and is in a rapid growth stage. The main reasons for this situation are as follows:
1. The fourth wave of baby boomers is coming. Children's consumption accounts for nearly 30% of household income, and the scale of consumption has further expanded, so it is widely optimistic.
2. The children's theme park industry does not currently have a monopoly leader, and the market is highly active.
3. The children's park has a clear purpose and a passenger flow-driven effect, and is less affected and impacted by e-commerce.

Children's playground is mainly based on ticket income, supplemented by peripheral products and extended service income. Among them, ticket revenue accounted for 79%, catering and retail revenue accounted for 11%, brand implantation revenue accounted for 5%, and other revenue was 5%. In addition to meeting the consumption needs of children, the business should also provide parents with related services to increase parents' secondary consumption experience and open up revenue channels.

The in-depth promotion of education reform and the rapid development of e-commerce ... These factors not only affect the macroeconomic environment, but also make the amusement industry face a situation of industrial upgrading and transformation, and market demand changes. In this environment, cultural connotation has become a new driving force for the development of the amusement industry. How the manufacturing industry completes the transformation to the cultural industry is a crucial issue for the industry to think about!

1. What are the main problems currently facing the amusement industry?
The amusement industry is still in the early stages of the development of an industry, mainly providing amusement equipment. Due to the high-speed development of the amusement industry, some problems have been masked, leaving many companies with no time to take care of the problems facing customers. As the industry develops and competition intensifies, these problems are inevitably exposed and become one of the criteria for market screening. This is normal, and any industry will encounter normal problems.

The main issue today is the distance between the creativity of the amusement industry and the needs of consumers. As a product, there have been too many innovations, and under the premise that consumers' demand for amusement is stimulated, they still cannot meet their needs. Every change and innovation of Jinbo is based on a full understanding of the product, the market, and the psychology of the customer base. Such products must be sought after by the market and consumers.

2. How to view the impact and promotion of technology on the amusement industry?
The first technology has improved production efficiency; promoted the upgrading of amusement equipment, provided more interactive technologies and increased playability and fun. The biggest difference between amusement products and other products is that they make and spread joy. "Amusement park is a source of joy" is the main reason why consumers want to go to the park, and the role of technology is to constantly dig out demand and use technology and equipment to achieve demand, thereby bringing more novelty and joy! And joy is the biggest torment to the family.

3. What kind of talents are needed by the amusement industry?
In addition to the commonality of talents in all industries, the amusement industry's requirements for talents are more focused on having a sense of innovation. Professional ethics, professional ability, enthusiasm, good communication ... These are the indispensable qualities for good equipment, sales and service. It is a basic disk of the amusement industry.

Jinbo is an amusement equipment company, providing high-quality amusement equipment and services. At the same time, it is also a cultural company dedicated to spreading the concept of "making joy, spreading joy". In the future, Jinbo is not only one of the world's most professional overall manufacturers of amusement equipment, but also an international amusement culture export company. and service! 



How the amusement industry changed from equipment manufacturing to cultural manufacturing

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