In the present day, an amusement park often contains a mixture of various amusement rides, large equipment such as roller coaster, big pendulum, and small rides such as bumper car, carousel and family rides. More and more theme parks have emerged, aiming at no matter young children or older adults.

So, which factors you should consider before investing in an amusement park?

1. Amusement Park Positioning 

The first thing to consider is your target tourists, which is the overriding key to address selection, product selection, amusement park design, and investment scale. With different target tourists, you will need to choose suitable amusement park rides. Young people tend to like thrill rides such as roller coasters, big pendulum, andUFO turnable ride. Children love fun rides such as bumper car, flying chair and self-controlled planes. Families like relatively mild, stable and parent-child rides, such as kiddie roller coaster, carousel and happy Jellyfish, which gives parents and children a pleasant enjoyment as well as an enjoyable family trip.

2. Amusement Park Location

Then to consider the site of your amusement park, if it is an indoor amusement park, then supermarket and shopping malls is a good choice, and for outdoor amusement park, funfairs, carnivals, and landmarks are preferred addresses.

3. Amusement Park Product Selection

The most crucial thing of product selection is not "large" or "expensive", but "according to the project positioning, park location and possessing high quality and safety", then to select the best supplier based on your demand. Here are some points to consider to help you make a choice.  

3.1 Safety Guaranteed
There are too many amusement park rides manufacturers and suppliers on the market, then how can I know if their product quality is good? We suggest you check if they are qualified for China Special Equipment Manufacturing License(TS License). The companies who engage the manufacture (include: construction, making, installation, alteration, maintenance, etc.), use and inspection of the special equipment must be inspected and approved by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ), then can obtain the license and producing or selling the applied equipment in China. A qualified Chinese manufacturer of large amusement devices should have this license. Jinbo Amusement is a professional manufacturer of sizeable dynamic amusement equipment. With full range products are eligible for TS license, we are your park's reliable China supplier.

3.2 First-class Raw Materials
Mainly two materials are used for amusement rides manufacturing - fiberglass(FRP) and plastic. Taking the product endurance and lifespan into consideration, we suggest you choose the products made of FRP.
FRP is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers and is commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries. It has strong corrosion resistance and long service life. Amusement rides made of FRP are durable to aging and climate and are more suitable for outdoor use.

Jinbo's suppliers of FRP materials and accessories are first-class big brand suppliers in the industry. All materials and accessories meet the requirements of the national standard, with 3C certification or related certifications.

3.3 Realistic Looking Product
You are investing for decades, not months. So, how to ensure that your amusement rides are always popular among tourists? Jinbo develops new styles of products every year to catch the latest trends. For example, Jinbo launched the new ride "Wandering Earth" in Sept., which is with the shape of the earth, including the ocean and seven continents. By binding realistic appearance and perfect mechanical structures together, Jinbo is capable of providing you various styles of products with high quality.

3.4 All-round Supporting services
Jinbo Amusement provides all-round supporting services for customers, offer on-site inspections to customers, plan and design site construction for amusement parks, provide plan design drawings, and provide customers with operations and management excellent case in this industry for reference. A professional after-sales service team provides customers with services, including shipment, installation, and maintenance, to solve customers' worries!

3.5 Supplier Size
You are looking for an amusement park ride supplier who will stay in business on a long-term basis, for the sake of your on-time products delivery, technical support, after-sales maintenance, and more potential orders. So, you will have to make some investigation on the suppliers about their factory sizes, production capability and sales volume. Jinbo Amusement has its production facilities over 50,000 square meters in southern China and more than 100 employees. Our factory runs all year round for delivering high-quality amusement rides to our clients globally.

3.6 Related Project Cases
If you are going to invest some amusement rides and would like to select the right supplier, Jinbo Amusement can meet your needs. One more thing you should check is the successful project cases of the potential supplier. Jinbo Amusement has participated in hundreds of projects of amusement park rides' design, manufacturing and installation. We are recognized and highly praised by our clients for our amusement rides and all-round supporting services.

If you are going to invest some amusement rides and would like to select the right supplier, Jinbo Amusement can meet your needs. Contact us today by leaving a message now. 



How to Choose the Amusement Rides for Your Theme Park?

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