The power supply of the bumper car is also called Skynet power supply: a power supply network composed of strip-shaped conductors is arranged on a large enough insulating plate, and a plurality of conductive strips are arranged, and the opposite polarity of the adjacent conductive strips, the conductive strips Each is connected to the same name end of the power supply in an appropriate manner. When an object is free to move in the power supply network, electrical or electrical signals can be drawn from the power supply network via a sliding contact set. This block-shaped power supply network can be directly applied to power supply to bumper cars in amusement parks. The bumper car activity place adopting this power supply method does not need to be plated on the ground, and the ordinary ground can be directly used.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the amusement industry, many people have turned to invest in children's play equipment. Among them, bumper cars are more popular with consumers. So how do you choose a good quality bumper car?

First, see if the appearance is novel

Appearance is the primary condition for attracting children, so the appearance must be colorful, and the more popular cartoon characters are selected in the shape. And in the square bumper car must not appear to compare any sharp objects or irons, so as not to cause harm to children.

Second, look at the details of the bumper car accessories

First of all, pay attention to the accessories of the bumper car. The accessories of the bumper car contain many things, and the different bumper car accessories are different. The accessories of a good bumper car must also be done very well, because the manufacturers who can do well on small problems, the square bumper cars produced must also be very good.

Once again, the structure of the bumper car, the good square bumper car whether it is the shell material, or in the accessories problem, try to choose big-name accessories, as well as high-quality shells, such as thick glass fiber material.

Third, look at the services of manufacturers

Regular manufacturers with business licenses, patents and other relevant documents must have a complete service system and strict management system to ensure product quality. The company's service department has a timely and effective response to each request from the external assurance user.

In short, the choice of quality, cost-effective, and guaranteed. It is recommended that you not only pay attention to the price. After all, the safety of the child is the most important. It is necessary to comprehensively measure various factors, quality and especially important.

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How to choose a good quality bumper car?

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