Can you imagine when you brag that your biggest relative lived to be 30 years old? We stand on the shoulders of generations of hard-working people who are trying to change the world. Now, we are living in an era with smartphones, tablets, smart watches, the ability to play your favorite TV shows at any time, self-driving cars, and gluten-free pancakes!

New type of amusement equipment that change the industry

1901-Ring Roller Coaster

Loop-the-Loop is the first ride to use an oval ring, which greatly reduces the gravity felt by the rider. There is a ring roller coaster on the Flap Flap Railway at Sea Lion Park in Boston. Because it can be attached to the rider, it is famous for biting the neck. Most of Loop-the-Loop’s revenue comes from paying viewers. Due to the low throughput, the Loop Loop was finally closed in 1910, but the ring roller coaster paved the way for modern rides we know and love.

1963-Magic Fantasy House

Leonardo da Vinci built Automata Lion in 1550, a miracle of that era. Since then, technology has made great strides. Disney is the first person to use synchronized audio and animation movements in a playground performance. As early as 1963, the Magic Tiki Hall was technologically advanced and was the first air-conditioned building in the park. Thanks to Walt Disney's vision, power and ability to inspire his imagination, audio-animated electronic devices have become common sense in today's entertainment activities.

1968-Bottle Opener Coaster

The bottle opener roller coaster has brought the industry into a new era of entertainment. This roller coaster gave entertainment enthusiasts a glimpse of the possibilities now. Every few years, there will be a new roller coaster boasting that it now has the most reversing sports in all the entertainment rides in the world.

1976-Revolutionary Roller Coaster

The revolutionary roller coaster is the first roller coaster to use a slalom ring since Coney Island’s Central Park. Thanks to improvements in entertainment technology, The Revolution is more comfortable and has higher throughput. The revolutionary roller coaster was bold and unique at the beginning. Because of this trend setting, the reversal ring of amusement rides has become a typical phenomenon in amusement rides today.

1987-the World's First Indoor Ski Resort

Mount Thebarton was the first to create an artificial ski resort made of real snow. During this period, ski resorts have made considerable progress in snowmaking technology and climate control. The indoor ski resort took the snow to a place previously impossible.

2001-California Thrilling Journey

The ride simulates a glider hanging in scenic California, and the most amazing feature is the perfect blend of scent. At some point during the ride, you will smell the citrus as you stroll through the orange grove. The craziest part of the journey is that the smell will not be longer than the expected stay time for one second. The moment the hang glider left the coastline, the smell of ocean mist began to disappear. 



Several new type of amusement equipment that change the industry

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