There are many kinds of modern amusement facilities, various structures and sports types, and the specifications vary widely. At present, the amusement facilities are divided into 13 categories according to the characteristics of sports, namely: Battery Bumper Car, Jungle roller coaster & Ice snow roller coaster, gyro,indoor rides flying chair, racing cars, guild war shark island small, viewing vehicles, small trains, overhead tour vehicles, Photoelectric targets, water amusement facilities, bumper cars, outdoor ufo turntable ride, etc.
In the safe use of amusement facilities, amusement equipment must be safe, and the following should be noted when selecting amusement facilities:
1. Pay attention to the safety inspection conformity mark: According to the national regulations, the regular inspection period of the amusement facilities is one year. For the amusement facilities that have passed the safety inspection, the quality inspection department will issue the safety inspection conformity mark and paste it in the amusement facilities. Places, amusement park managers should not use rides that have not been inspected, unqualified or overdue.
2. Pay attention to the ride: In the eye-catching places of the amusement facilities, the playground managers are equipped with “passenger notices”. Visitors should read them carefully before riding, and do not climb over the fence. Passengers must wait outside the safety fence before boarding the plane. If there are many people, they must line up the team and must not cross the fence.
3. Don't panic when an accident occurs: When the ride is in operation, if there is a power outage or other failure, the passenger should not get off the bus before the staff member informs it. It is safest in the cockpit and waiting for emergency rescue.
4. Take care of racing cars and go-karts: don't wear outerwear or long scarf when riding a car or kart, otherwise it is easy to be dangerous because the outerwear scarf is hooked by the equipment.
5. In the water entertainment to prevent accidents: in the surrounding pool and wave pool, the manager should remind the tourists not to extend the head to the suction port and the spout to prevent accidents.
There are many kinds of modern amusement facilities, attracting many parents to bring children to visit, and many young people are traveling together. In the process of play, the manager must do a good job of protection and protection. Visitors should abide by the rules of the playground and be safe. 



The safety knowledge of rides- outdoor ufo turntable ride

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