Most of the memories of childhood are wonderful, and most of the unforgettable fun things are related to amusement equipment. There are many styles of large new rides serie, whether you go to the park or go to the scenic area, you will see it. It is difficult for children to move their feet when they see amusement equipment, they have to go up and experience it. But do you know what common large new rides serie are?

The luxury carousel is an amusement machine that spins and undulates. There is a colorful conical ceiling at the turn of the horse. The periphery of the ceiling is equipped with colorful glass fiber reinforced plastic decorative panels, which is even more luxurious, like a gorgeous racecourse. There are different styles of cockpit horses, either fast galloping, raising their heads and screaming, or lowering their heads in contemplation. It's fun to ride on horseback as if you are really running on the grassland.


Corsair is an old style of amusement equipment that can move left and right and up and down. After the pirate ship started, it slowly swung from the slow sway to the swift and rapid sway. The passengers were riding on the pirate ship. With the reciprocating sway from slow to urgent, it was like coming to the stormy sea, sometimes rushing to the peaks of the waves, and sometimes falling to the bottom of the valley. Challenge the limits of your mental capacity.


The rotary flying chair is the most classic equipment in the swing type amusement machine. The flying chair has a variety of sports forms such as rotation, lifting, and changing the inclination. When the umbrella-shaped turntable and the middle turntable start to rotate in the opposite direction, the tower slowly rises. At this time, the rotating table swings, and the flying chair is wavy. The sky is soaring and floating, the sea is wide and the sky is thrilling. The equipment is majestic and magnificent. It softens the gorgeous lighting and colorful design, and has a gorgeous shape. It is currently the most beautiful and attractive amusement machine on the playground.


The rail train is a type of rail amusement machine, which is made after imitating a regular train. There are many styles of rail trains, such as the ocean model and the elephant model. Whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, they look very beautiful. Especially on the train, through the mountains, through the jungle, not to mention how fun it is. The rail train allows adults and children to ride together. It is also a classic parent-child play equipment.


Self-control aircraft is a type of self-control amusement machine. Passengers can control the lift of the cabin by operating the buttons in the cabin. With the development of science and technology, the current self-control aircraft has colored lights in the cockpit and the boom, especially at night, the lights are gorgeous and very beautiful. The cockpit styles of the self-control aircraft include airplane models, car models, mini pirate ships and so on. Regardless of whether it is in a park, in a scenic area, or at a temple fair, self-controlled aircraft is one of the most popular equipment.

Since the birth of the amusement equipment, new equipment with different styles and different ways of play has been developed every year. Whether it is a rotary type, a lifting type, or a shooting type amusement equipment, great changes are taking place. 



What are Large New Rides Series

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