What is the definition of a new type of amusement equipment?

The reason why new type of amusement equipment has played so hot in recent years is that it is now a harmonious commercial society. People's needs have undergone a qualitative change. People are no longer concerned about whether they can eat well, but are emotionally appealing. New, stimulating, and personality, and the appearance of new play equipment is in line with people's wishes and pursuits. There are more and more new types of amusement equipment in the amusement equipment industry. There are a variety of different kinds of entertainment equipment. For the definition of new amusement equipment, different regions are called differently.

As amusement equipment continues to be updated, more and more new types of amusement equipment appear. Newly-listed products are called new products. For amusement equipment, in addition to the new appeareance and new models, there are the first generation, The second generation, the third generation, etc., all indicate that the amusement device is "new"! How to distinguish between new types of amusement equipment, whether there is a criterion for judgment?

The reason that amusement equipment adds “new” to the front of amusement equipment is to distinguish it from traditional amusement equipment, and to add a few years to the history of amusement equipment to know the development history of newly-developed amusement equipment, such as the new 2017 model. The amusement equipment and 2018 new amusement equipment can be used to understand and distinguish the new type of amusement equipment coming out in different years. The third is to see the popularity of the amusement equipment. The popular amusement equipment will not be eliminated too quickly by the times. This kind of new R & D amusement equipment is also very lucrative for the business, the fourth is to see whether the amusement device can appear in front of tourists with the "new" concept, the design change is one of them, followed by watching the amusement equipment The entertainment function is whether or not there is a new idea in the integration of functions or gameplay. A very successful new type of amusement equipment is representative of an era.

Above all, such amusement devices can be referred to as new types of amusement devices and can also be used as the basic standard for new amusement devices. Example: Dr. Sun Yat-sen's independent research and development robot transformer is a new type of amusement equipment 2018, at the same time with the above characteristics, novel appearance, outstanding theme, is a new playground equipment.

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What is the definition of a new type of amusement equipment

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