Best childhood memory is to have a day off and go to an amusement park with family and friends. Being a kid, the amusement park is always fascinated as the most attractive place because of the great rides and games.  From kids and family rides to thrill rides, live shows, and events, it has always been a source of adventure and entertainment. This enjoyment is very compulsory to refreshen your mind and soul. Screaming on the roller coaster together with your friends transforms the thrill into laughter. Additionally, in the case of a water chute ride, the water splashes on your face freshen you up in summers.

What is the shoot the chute?

Shoot the chute is an amusement ride. It comprises a flat-bottomed boat that slides down inside a flume into a lagoon or ramp. The word “Shooting the Chutes” means boarding an elevator on a 60-foot skeletal structure and racing a flat-bottomed boat down 300 feet of rollers into a pool. The boat declines down at a speed of 60 miles per hour. An electric cable is used to pull it back to the top. It consists of one single drop and larger boats. A water reservoir of sufficient size is built to catch the splash, thus return the water to the system.

The source of shoot the chute

Shoot the Chutes was that imposing Riverview icon with a fascinating history. Riverview was once the World’s largest amusement park. In 1926, Bobs was the most thrilling and fastest roller coaster ride. Shoot the chute originated as a boat on the side of a hill that a boatman would ride down to a lake and would pull it back towards the ramp after it settled.

Modern design:

It was then improved into a patented Shoot the chute with a sizeable flat-bottomed bottom. In the modern shoot, the line has a guide track that allows the boat to return to the loading platform after completing a closed-circuit route. It has gained enough popularity over time.

The first Shoot the Chute worldwide

J.P. Newburg built it in 1884 at Watchtower Park in Illinois. It was a 500-foot-long greased wooden track on a bluff that looked over the Rock River below. Later, Paul Boyton set this attraction in Chicago at Coney Island in 1895. He later promoted it worldwide and built it in New York, Belgium, and London. He opened chutes on Nov 2, 1895, in San Francisco, and more than 13,000 thrill-seekers took the ride.

Why people like Shoot the Chute

  • People liked Shoot the Chute because

  • It travels 10 times faster than an automobile

  • It offers a panoramic view

  • The sharp turns throughout the ride and speed make it the most thrilling ride and result in splashing at the end of the track.

  • The thrilling plunges downhill and water splashing on your face provides an ever-lasting fun experience

  • It was different than the conventional roller costar ride

  • A bridge positioned next to or over the splash zone provides added interest for spectators getting wet.

Where to buy

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Flume Ride Water Track Roller Coaster.

It is a classic attraction for carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. It is made of steel and has a floor area of 120m×50m. Its power is 175Kw. It operates at a speed of 55km/h. It has a capacity of 20 persons per boat.


  • Standard Package: It has the stretch film and a strong bubble wrapping plastic sheet.

  • High ranking package: It has composite material multi-layered plywood box.

  • Customized package: According to client’s requirements.


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  • 30% deposit and 70% is paid before shipment.

  • They book containers and deal with everything.

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A water chute ride at an amusement park

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