If you are looking for the top-quality roller coaster for you or best roller coaster manufacturers, then you do not need to go anywhere else; your search over the internet should be stopped.

Jinbo Amusement is the best manufacturer for creating Amusement Rides for International Clients with their requirements.

About Jinbo' Rides

Jinbo Amusement is a professional manufacturer of large dynamic amusement equipment, made our thousands of regular clients from all over the world. 

The business content of Jinbo Amusement includes the theme park total construction service of the theme park planning and design, theme packaging and decoration, amusement equipment manufacturing and installation, and investment operation and management integration.

A variety of amusement rides available at Jinbo, let's take a brief look at the famous equipment:

Child Roller Coaster

The characteristic of the child roller coaster is the scooter after the traction to the highest point, by its potential energy along with the glide track trend for free sliding movement. The LED lights inlaid on the saucer-shaped exterior of the cabin are constantly flashing. The scene and movement are very spectacular.

Difference between high speed attractive amusement park child roller coaster and the jungle roller coaster is that the track height is a little lower, more suitable for indoor business. 

6-7km/h Max Speed

39kw Driver Power

1.95m Track Height 

3m Equipment Height

Check out below video to watch operating mode of this roller coaster:

Outdoor Crazy Roller Coaster

And four ring roller coaster is the most classic coaster rides and the grand rides for all amusement parks as everyone agreed. Usually, crazy roller coaster rides take up a big area in a park and bear the most customer in a park. It is so thrilling that after at the cabins to pull up to the position, the crazy rides running only base on gravitation and inertia.

The characteristic of this 4 Rings Roller Coaster:

40mx30m  Cover Area

8m Equipment Height

≤31km/h Speed

11kw Power

8P Passenger

Check out below video to watch operating mode of this roller coaster:

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