Jinbo entertainment has a variety of amusement park facilities, It can provide suitable entertainment items and entertainment equipment for different playgrounds, so that adults and children who go to the playground can experience happiness.


Among many amusement park projects, electric bumper cars in amusement parks are widely loved by customers. The bumper cars produced by Jinbo Entertainment are of high quality and very fashionable, which is very suitable for shopping malls, stadiums, residential areas, theme parks, supermarkets, etc.

The electric bumper car produced by Jinbo Entertainment has a moderate speed of only 6 kilometers per hour, which is safe and stable, and it can be driven without installing a specific floor, saving the cost of purchasing related equipment for this bumper car and greatly saving the company's funds And this bumper car is suitable for children and adults to play. It can be said that it is suitable for all ages and young people. It allows families to spend a happy and memorable time together and enjoy the happiness brought by electric bumper cars.



Enjoy the Fun of Electric Bumper Car with Your Family

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