What is the bumper car

Bumper cars or dodgems are the generic names for a type of flat ride consisting of several small electrically powered cars that draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, which is turned on and off remotely by an operator. It is operated in a closed space where the aim is to hit other cars for the sake of amusement.

They are of 3 types

1.Sky net bumper cars: They have a sky net as attached photo. The conduct under the car touches the floor, while the conduct pole installed on the pole touches the ceiling, forming a complete circuit.

2.Ground net bumper cars: It is the most popular type bumper car. This bumper car uses alternating metal strips on the floor, which are separated by insulating spacers and do not have a ceiling grille. The brush array under each car is in random contact with any strips below, and the voltage polarity on each contactor is classified to always provide a correct and complete circuit to operate the vehicle.

3.Battery bumper cars: They have batteries installed that can be operated easily. The disadvantage is that these bumper cars can only be used for a few hours, and their batteries must be charged.

Why people like bumper cars?

It is the most iconic, famous, and long-lasting amusement parks ride for adults and kids alike. The unpredictable movement of cars provides bliss and hilarity during the ride. It offers a fun, exciting, and safe experience. The thrill to avoid a collision is entertaining itself. The amusement of smashing into other cars can only be practiced through bumper cars. It also allows the kids to drive their cars just like their parents, which makes it an incredible time for them. It brings out competitive nature and instincts without harming anyone.

How do bumper cars work?

They work on the principle of Newton’s 3rd law of motion

Newton’s 3rd law of motion:

It is also known as the law of interaction. It states that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

This is what happens when one car hits another. They bounce away from each other. Although the vehicle may bounce back, your body is still moving forward. In the real-world, collisions may result in serious injury, but bumper cars are designed with special rubber linings outside of vehicles to protect against damage.  The rubber lining softens the impact of the collision and helps cars bounce off of each other. The rubber acts as a barrier and sometimes readjust the bumper car's direction to create a new trajectory.

Collision is affected by the weight of drivers and the velocity of cars. If two drivers have different mass, one with the high group will move around less similarly fastest car will move the other car more. The law of inertia can have a negative effect on drivers who don't follow safety precautions as the driver is in a continuous moving state.

Where to buy

Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co. is a professional manufacturer of huge amusement equipment. It is located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province. Our services include theme packaging, theme park total construction, service of theme park planning, amusement equipment installation, and integration. We offer a year of free service and a warranty. 

It is offering:

  • 2 seats electric amusement park bumper cars

  • Small size kids bumper car

  • Adult electric amusement park bumper cars

  • Ground net electric bumper car

  • Icerink bumper cars

  • Animal zodiac dragon bumper cars

  • Amusement park spin zone bumper cars

  • Machine electric bumper cars

These are of varying speed and power. These cars can be used in pre-school, amusement park, garden, shopping mall, and public place.


  • Standard Package: It has stretch film and a strong bubble wrapping plastic sheet.

  • High ranking package: It has composite material multi-layered plywood box.

  • Customized package: According to client’s requirements.


  • We provide delivery detail within 7-45 days after 30% payment. 

  • 30% deposit and 70% is paid before shipment. 

  • We book containers and deal with everything for you. 



How do bumper cars work

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