"An amusement device or equipment is an item operated to provide entertainment, sightseeing or amusement thru movement of rides, or the movement when passenger travel or move around or along with the equipment.”

This definition might arise in you the thrust to ride on amusement equipment to enjoy ups and downs of this, but the very question arises; ‘Is amusement ride safe?’ you will find the answer in following statistics gathered from amusement rides of America.

According to 2017 ride incident survey report.

The three-year average data suggested that over 370 million people enjoyed 1.7 billion rides in North American’s amusement parks. The chances of being seriously injured at these amusement parks were 1 in 18 million.

So, a simple deductive answer from these stats is amusement parks provide one of the safest and quick entertainments to the public.


Whether amusement equipment manufacturers have production qualification and business license:

Manufacturing certificate, ability, the business license, company office workshop and production facilities are the key points when an amusement park invests man visits manufacturer.

Business license:

The business license is the necessary certificate of amusement park manufacturer, which ensures an amusement park at the business scale level and its authenticity of being a legal company.

On a general basis, the business park manufacturer can be divided into four types:

Production and operation professional manufacture:

First type is manufacturer with its own amusement park and equipment, it provides operation plan. 

Production professional manufacture:

Second type is the one who can’t provide the operation plan.

Packaging and marketing company:

Third type don’t produce but purchase equipment from other factory and provide the operation plan.


Fourth type is agency.

By keeping in mind all the above discussion, we deduce that there’s no way to run an amusement park without a business license. A professional suggestion to invest man in choosing an amusement equipment park manufacturer can provide planning and design, construction and operational advice. The comprehensive manufacturer is the strongest guarantee of amusement park investment.

Is after sales services system perfect?

After sales service system:

After-sales services or sometimes support refers to any use or benefit a company provides to the customer after purchasing the product. This kind of customer care is essential for any business's progression, especially in small businesses, to prosper where every customer counts.

Examples of after-sale service system include an extended warranty, upgrade in product, training, a good discount, and a gift hamper. 

Advantages of after sales services;

When the marketplace is thronged with their best of products in an age of competition, there is an appealing demand for after-sales services to win the customer's trust and make it your long-term buyer. So, the after-sales services provide the following benefits and the answer to the question, yes. This system is perfect.

  • Increase in sales.

  • Improvement in performance.

  • The loyalty of your customer.

  • A plus point differentiating you from competitors.


Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jinbo is an independent landscape design and construction company famous for providing one-step services such as planning and design, construction, project declaration, environmental decoration and equipment supply for tourist attraction and theme parks. Quite remarkable for amusement equipment manufacturing and installation, and investment operation and management integration.

Following are the robust reasons to choose Jinbo amusement equipment;

  • One-year free warranty service.

  • Highly committed to customer demands and expectations.

  • UpToDate with latest and upcoming technologies.

  • Years of experience which develops this company having strong technical force, rich manufacturing experience and high level of technology.



How to judge whether amusement equipment manufacturers have relevant qualifications?

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