Jinbo Entertainment provides various types of electric bumper cars, among which electric Dodgem cars are popular among consumers. Electric dodgem bumper car includes ground net dodgem car, skye net electric dodgem car and battery type dodgem car. And we have lots of designs which are very attractive for both kids and young people.
Ground net bumper car video(floor with light):

Sky net bumper car video: 

Battery bumper car video:

The speed of the electric dodge car reaches 9.7 kilometers per hour, which is slightly faster than that of the ordinary electric bumper car. The maximum load is 150 kg. It can accommodate two people to ride together. It can be said that it is a good choice for parents and children to play together. The electric Dodgem bumper body is made of integrated seamless glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is a rare bumper car manufacturer in China that can use RTM plastic technology. The frame is made of national standard steel. The material is thick, the material is sufficient, durable, not easy to deform, not easy to rust, the quality is well guaranteed, the crash tires are made of rubber, and built-in high-performance steel bars. They are not only wear-resistant, durable, but also not easy to age, and can withstand greater impact without deformation. Dazzling lights on the front and rear of the car are more visually stunning, brighter, and more attractive, bringing a vivid and exciting atmosphere to the beautiful night. The steering wheel is flexible and easy to operate, and the paint is not easy Fading, bright and beautiful.

The electric Dodge car is a well-designed electric bumper car. Its style, quality and performance have been recognized by consumers. It is a good choice for theme parks, amusement parks and supermarkets to attract customers.



Introduction of Electric Dodgem Car

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