Not all ups and downs in life are distressing and uncontrollable; some are thrilling and exciting, and YES, you can control them too. Flying high along with free air and enjoying undulating motion is the absolute pleasure you experience by riding on a Self-Control Plane.

The Self Control Plane ride is an amusement ride that lets you float and fly. It revolves around a vertical axis and moves up and down freely. The center is of different designs, usually a rocket or any other decorated shape. Passengers control the operational lever either to rise or fall freely and pursue or shot others to have unlimited fun. 

Self-control plane ride is fast flying that makes you feel like cloud riding, ups and downs that you enjoy, and instigate wonderland. Self-control plane has a variety of innovative designs, charming decorative lanterns, and lighting that cast stimulating effects and attracts tourists.


A variety of designs and shapes increases the attraction for Self-control plane rides. One method that gives the feeling of flying in the air is Aircraft design. The cabins are famous aircraft, fixed on the arms around the vertical axis. When the plane starts, the aircraft is rotating around the vertical axis. The player can press the button to control cabins up and down.

Jet ride is another attraction for kids. This kind of self-control place adopts the ocean blue colour, sea style and aquatic creature model. This kind of amusement equipment covers an area of about 10 meters.

Shark ride is a self control jet plane with a design of Shark. Rotating sharks, flying up and down, is a great joy for kids and adults. The music player and LED lights add to the thrill of this ride. Ride on flying sharks is no less than a euphoric experience. 


Mini jets manufactured by Jinbo are another amusement ride for kids. These are designed in sea style, aquatic creature style, and ocean blue color. The flying height of mini jets is 4.6 M, with a speed of 5 RPM. It is an incredible ride for kids in amusement parks, shopping malls, and parks.  


“Interstellar” is a swift flying, rotating, and undulating amusement device. It is similar to the gameplay of self-controlled flight, but it runs at a higher altitude and faster flight speed, with futuristic lighting effects.

This is called the 2.0 upgraded version of "Interstellar." It adds a globe necessary for children's joy and workers' desks on the original basis. The LED lighting decoration and gorgeous colors on the 2.0 upgraded version of Interstellar Crossing are more dazzling, and it must be the gathering place of the peak of popularity.


The self-control plane is designed with 6, 8, 10, 12 arms with two seats each. So it can accommodate up to 24 people at a time. Buttons are set on the plane seats for players to control their plane fly up and down. Jinbo manufactures customized planes with 6, 8, 10, and 12 arms.

Suitable for scenes: agricultural science and technology parks, theme parks, seaside playgrounds, tourist attractions, parent-child farms, hot spring resort hotels, rural tourist attractions, beach theme parks, etc.


Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of amusement rides with exceptional service. In order to meet the desired needs of customers Jinbo produce customized products. It also provides services of equipment installation and amusement park designing. Due to unique designs, colourful lights, smooth ride ways and other features of Jinbo rides customers and tourists cannot resist availing this service.


Advancement in technology brings new ways of enjoyment and fun. Earlier rides use to control your motion but now rides are under control of riders. Self-control plane and jet ride lets you control the up and down of ride while flying in air. Variety of designs like aircraft, rocket, shark, bee and many other, decorated seats and charming LED lights and lanterns enhances the fun of riding many folds. Jinbo Company, being professional manufacturer of amusement rides, delivers exceptional service to customers. 



Self Ccontrol Plane Ride - Fly and Float in The Air

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