Kiddie or kids’ rides:

The amusement ride, which is operated by a coin or 1.1 kW power, is called a kiddie or kids' ride. These kids' rides are not able to carry more than 100 kg child. Kids' rides are often present in amusement parks, theme parks, malls, and hotel game rooms.

They are rarely available in restaurants, grocery shops, and food cafes. It is activated by a coin and amuses its rider with movement. Its movement depends on the type of rides such as miniature carousel and miniatures.

The term ‘kids’ ride’ is also used for park amusement rides that are primarily prepared for young children. These rides often don’t require coins to run and are smaller in size.

Most rides have music sounds, flashlights, and attractive colorful equipment.

Principles of practice for amusement rides:

To possess your amusement ride, you ought to follow the licensing process. It is divided into three stages.

  1. Design approval

  2. Permit to use and operate

  3. Annual in-service examination

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Design Approval

Before constructing installing amusement rides on the site, The ride owner must explain with proper supportive documentation, the accuracy of the engineering design and safety-issues while operating the ride.

The document includes an explanation of mechanical, electrical, and structural designs.  Moreover, it also contains a description of safety specifications and instructions for operating the ride. All this documentation will be submitted to the Director.

The document for design approval contains the details of the following requirements.

  • Experience of the manufacturer, model of the ride, unique serial number, and date of manufacture.

  • Power and rating of the mechanical and electrical system.

  • The period of a usual cycle of the ride. 

  • The passengers' capacity, weight capability of the ride, and location site of the selected amusement ride.

  • Method of running and stopping.

  • Signaling and communications.

  • Construction, operation, drawings, and equipment design.

Permit to use and operate

This stage starts after constructing an amusement ride and before opening it for the public for entertainment purposes.

The owner of the ride requires the arrangement of the following to satisfy the Director.

  • Provision of operational, maintenance, and emergency manuals.

  • Ride examination by the surveyor.

Provision of operational, maintenance, and emergency manuals

The ride owner must provide manuals containing detailed explanations about the ride, including modes and methods to operate the ride, requirements to maintain its safety measures, and the measures to cope with a critical situation in case of any emergency.

Ride examination by surveyor

The ride owner must arrange a professional and experienced surveyor capable of examining the ride completely, including its design, structure, construction, strength, safety, mechanism, and locality. The report of the survey is sent to the Director.

Annual in-service Examination

This stage is required when the rider makes modifications in maintenance, structure, capacity, working system, mechanism, electrical system, and speed. He has to arrange a capable surveyor to test the ride once a year. The final report is delivered to the Director containing the details of the changes.

Principles followed by Jinbo producing kiddie or kids’ rides:

Jinbo Ride is a Chinese branded company that manufactures kids’ rides. It has the following three principles while manufacturing them. 

  • Security Principles

  • Edutainment Principles

  • Child-oriented principles

Security Principles

Jinbo Ride ensures the safety of the riders who enjoy their amusement rides. They have a complete professional team of experienced engineers for this purpose. They ensure maximum strength, maximum but reasonable carrying capacity, and safety of the kids' rides by following science's rules.

They also try to ensure a safe electrical and mechanical system to avoid any harm to riders. They warn the owners of rides about the complexities of the rides that can disturb the riders. So the owners of the rides educate the passengers about their rides.

Edutainment Principles

Jinbo Ride provides instructions to the owners of the rides. They give them a warning notice, which includes complete details of circumstances that may disturb some people suffering from blood pressure, headache, abdominal pain, and cardiovascular diseases.

The ride owner is required to demonstrate all possible dangers to the people who board on their rides. It saves some people from critical conditions.

Child-oriented Principles

Children often get upset when they experience some unusual rides such as the Ferris wheel, pendulum, and pirate ships. Jinbo Entertainment ensures the safety of the rides for kids. They try their best to make the rides comfortable and facilitated for children and educate them properly not to get disturbed.

General guide for amusement rides

Who should follow this guide?

You must follow it if you possess, engage, run, transport, or manage the use of amusement rides in your workplaces.

You should follow this guide before using amusement rides. You ought to:

  • Manage strategies to cope with critical situations.

  • Make sure that the amusement ride is suitable and guarded for the riders.

  • Issue precautions and instructions to workers for the safe and sound operation of the ride. 

  • Ensure the protection of the workers by providing instructions to them according to their role. 

  • Make sure a safe start-up and shut down according to the instructions of the engineers.

  • Ensure safe noise level, speed, and strength of the riders. 

  • Give safety instructions to the riders.

  • Make sure a safe exit from the amusement ride.

Where to buy it?

Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a Chinese branded company. It has a capable and experienced team of engineers who manufacture large dynamic amusement equipment professionally. They provide services in construction, planning, installation, packaging, decoration, design, operation, and theme park management.

They have an autonomous landscape design and construction company that can deliver one-step services design, planning, construction, environmental decoration, and amusement equipment supply for tourist places and theme parks.

They ensure rich and quality products with complete variety and provide their services in almost all amusement rides.

Jinbo Entertainment Products

The following are some amusement rides manufactured by Jinbo Entertainment. 

  • Family rides

  • Kids’ rides

  • Roller coaster

  • Ferris wheel

  • Carousel

  • Bumper car

  • Pirate ship

  • Pendulum ride

  • Self-control plane



The principles followed by jinbo production of kiddie rides

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