What do you remember when you think about your childhood? Isn't it the time when you went to parks and enjoyed taking rides? The reason why the amusement park has become the most attractive place is because it has always focused on creating attractive rides and games.

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We have also seen a kid who is afraid of rides and gets upset after taking a ride. But now we have more options. We can choose a ride that we feel safe. Taking amusement park ride has always been a source of adventure as well as entertainment. This enjoyment is essential to refreshen your mind and soul.

The development of Amusement Park Rides

An amusement park is a park that contains various attractions, such as rides and games, and other events for entertainment purposes. In the past, amusement park rides were not as secure as they are now. It is necessary to have a license now to own a ride. The licensing procedure is divided into three stages

  • 1. Approval for design

  • 2. Authorization to use and operate

  • 3. In-service inspection annually

With time many new rides are introduced. Now, we have a variety of amazing kiddie rides. Some of these rides are so safe that even toddlers can take them.

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Types of Children's Amusement Park Rides

Kiddie rides are the rides that function by coin or through 1.1KW of power. These rides have a carrying capacity of less than 100 kg child. These are mostly present in theme parks, amusement parks, malls, and hotel game rooms and are rarely present in restaurants.

These rides are mostly colorful that make them enchanting for kids. They also have sound and flashlights to charm the children.

Children rides are of the following types

  • I. Frog Jump Ride

  • II. Trackless Train

  • III. Track Train

  • IV. LED Lighting Octopus Jumping Ride

  • V. Children Happy Circus Ride

  • VI. Flying Car

  • VII. Children Air Craft Rides

  • VIII. Airbus Ride

  • IX. Mini Pirate Ship

  • X. Carnival Swing Ride 

  • XI. Ride-on Fire Truck

  • XII. Rotation Leverage Plane

Where to buy? 

About the Seller

Jinbo Amusement is a professional manufacturer of family amusement equipment. Our services include theme packaging, theme park total construction, service of theme park planning, amusement equipment installation, and management integration.

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We are offering Product

  • • Spinning Amusement Park Ride Jinbo 

  • • Good Quality Kid Chair Swing Carnival Ride 

  • • Ocean Double Row Children Mini Pirate Ship Jinbo

  • • Tour Train Sightseeing Amusement Park Train

  • • Jet-Powered Merry Go Round Jinbo

We offer Packaging

  • • Standard Package: It has stretched film and a strong bubble wrapping plastic sheet. 

  • • High ranking package: It has composite material multi-layered plywood box.

  • • Customized package: According to client’s requirements. 

We offer Shipping

  • • We provide delivery detail within 7-45 days after 30% payment. 

  • • 30% deposit and 70% is paid before shipment. 

  • • We book containers and deal with everything. 

The principles followed by Jinbo producing kiddie ride 

Jinbo is a kiddie rides manufacturer. It follows three principles

1.Security Principles

The safety of riders enjoying amusement rides is our priority. We have professional engineers that make sure all the rides are secure. We follow science's principles to ensure safety and can carry enough weight.  

The electrical and mechanical system is set in a way that causes no harm to riders. Riders are thoroughly guided to avoid any incident.

2. Edutainment Principles

Jinbo provides all the necessary guidelines to the owners. Complete detail of situations is issued in the form of caution notice that may bother people suffering from diseases like blood pressure, headache, and cardiovascular disease.

3. Child-oriented Principles

Some rides like a pendulum, pirate ship, and Ferris wheel may scare children and trouble them. Jinbo Entertainment designs ride that is enjoyable and suitable for children. We confirm the safety of rides for children and give instructions to stay away from any incident.

Why you choose Jinbo?

If you are going to buy a kids' ride and are confused about where to buy, Jinbo is undoubtedly the best option as our rides are safe and secure. We provide design drawings according to your area.

We offer a fast-shipping service within 15-20 days. In addition, we also provide discounts on bulk service. We provide a one-month mechanical components warranty and six months warranty for electrical components.

We have a professional design team and consulting team that can provide project construction, operation consulting, design equipment selection and amusement park planning. If necessary, we will send dispatch engineers and workers to your location. We also provide free installation and drawing videos. 



Children's Amusement Park Rides

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