We all admire the adventure of traveling by train. Even the noise of the train coming is evocative. As said by Paul Simon “There is something about the sound of the train that’s very nostalgic, romantic, and hopeful.

It gives the idea of making the train a ride. Now trackless train rides are present that are used for sightseeing. Both children and adults can relish this ride.


What is a trackless train

It is the hinged vehicle used for commuters' transport, containing a driving vehicle pulling one or more carriages connected by drawbar couplings. It does not need a track. It works on the road.

It is also termed as road train, tram, land train, parking lot train, Wattman trains, Dotto train, or Choo-Choo train.

How do trackless trains work?

It consists of 

  • Tractor Unit: It is the part of the train that pulls carriages in the manner of a moving-hauled railway train. Power is supplied through an inner combustion engine or electric motor.

  • Carriages: It has a capacity range of carrying 6 to 40 passengers. Its sides may be opened or closed and it may have a roof or not. 

Similar to regular road vehicles, the tractor unit is directed by the front wheels by a steering wheel run by a human driver and powered by its rear single or double axle. The drawbar couplings between the carriages then navigate the next carriages.

The FAQ of trackless train

Q.1 Are these trains safe?

Yes, electric trackless trains are manufactured to meet international safety standards. 

Q.2 Electric trackless trains are used in which events?

These are used for birthday parties, private parties, corporate parties, outdoor festival events, school and church events, grand opening events, holiday events, zoos, museums, and botanical gardens.

Q.3 Where/Who can you operate the electric trackless train?

Operate on a flat surface, asphalt, paved surfaces, grass, and most residential streets, parks, and shopping malls. Do not operate on grades greater than four percent. Must have at least an 18ft turning radius. Must be operated by a trained driver.

Q.4 What is the capacity of the electric trackless train?

Most trains have a carrying capacity of between 24-30 customers a ride. Hourly capacity can range between 200-300 an hour.

Q.5 How old should customers be to ride the electric trackless train?

All ages clients can ride. Recommended min. Height requirement for children riding without an adult 30”. 

Q.6 Are electric trackless trains noisy?

Electric trains are quiet and carbon neutral (no pollution) and train noises (bells, sound systems, and sometimes smoke). Most gas-powered trains are noisy, built from riding lawn mowers, generate toxic emissions, and not be operated indoors.

Q.7 Can an electric trackless train be operated indoors?

Yes, the trackless train can function indoors if it is electric. Most trains are gasoline, noisy and pollute a great deal so prefer using electric.

Q.8 What is the speed of a trackless train?

Mostly, their speed ranges between 3 and 8 MPH. A licensed machinist should adjust the rate based on weather conditions, road and crowd situations.

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